How to Protect Your Loved One from Elder Abuse

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It is estimated that over 2 million seniors are abused each year. Seniors become targets of abuse because as they age they may develop physical limitation, lose their hearing or sight and may not think clearly. These changes can leave openings for people to take advantage of an aging adult. The sad thing is that most of the time, the person that is abusing the senior are often family members, spouses, friends, professionals and even strangers that see an opportunity to prey on those who are vulnerable. Understanding the signs […] Read Full Article »

Symptoms of Elder Care Abuse

Elderly people become frailer and less able to stand up for themselves if they are being abused by someone. Many times they are abused in their own homes, a relative’s home, or even a care facility. There are more than half a million reports of abuse against the elderly each year in the United States alone and sadly millions more go unreported. At first, the abuse may not be recognized. It may appear to be symptoms of conditions like dementia or signs the person is becoming frailer. There is a […] Read Full Article »