Seniors with Depression Need Extra Care

Senior depression

Depression affects people of all ages, and seniors are no exception. In fact, seniors may be particularly susceptible to depression due to feelings of isolation and losing loved ones. Many things can cause depression, and one of the top items on that list is dealing with health issues, especially serious ones, according to Seniors are often fighting cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and more. Adding to the complexity of helping seniors with depression, is that the symptoms of depression may be not be as clear for the […] Read Full Article »

Arthritis Might Behind Many Seniors’ Pains Complaints

arthritic hands

Although their pain may be caused by various reasons, please do not ignore the fact that arthritis might be the cause of your patient’s pain. In fact, according to Everyday Health, arthritis is most likely the #1 condition people who are 65 and older suffer from. The Center for Disease Control notes that almost 50 percent of seniors suffer from arthritis so severely that is lowers their quality of life. Arthritis can affect the joints in most parts of the body, including the hands, feet, hips, and especially knees. The […] Read Full Article »

Children as Therapy for Seniors

senior therapy

As the elderly age, unfortunately it’s common for them to become socially isolated. Whether it’s because of failing mental health or a lack of still-living family and friends, not having a social network is extremely lonely. Intergenerational programs, where young children and senior citizens interact, are a wonderful way to help enhance the quality of life for seniors. For instance, the Intergenerational Learning Center in Seattle, WA is both a nursing home and a childcare facility. Children from infancy to five years of age spend time with the elderly, doing […] Read Full Article »