How to Eat Healthy this Summer

In addition to great weather, summer also brings healthy eating options, such as lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. However, summer parties and barbecues also bring tempting poor food choices.

So what can you do keep a healthy diet this summer? Or make sure your loved ones keep a healthy diet?

For starters, remember the most important thing to put in your body this summer is water! In fact, many medical professionals advise people to drink half of your weight, in ounces, of water per day. So if you weigh 140 pounds, you should consume 70 ounces of water minimum each day.

Something else you can do this summer, especially when you are a guest at a summer party or barbecue, is to make healthy food choices. This means choose raw vegetables instead of chips, and leaner proteins vs. fatty ones. You may also want to choose fruit for dessert instead of high-sugar options, such as cookies, cake or ice cream. To keep yourself in check when you are a guest, you can also bring a healthy dish to share with others. There are many people who will appreciate a healthy meal option.

When you are at home or entertaining, don’t be afraid to try new recipes. There are a lot of wonderful summer recipes you can enjoy and delight your friends and family with, such as egg-white omelets, vegetable pizza, summer salads, fruit tarts and more! Other healthy summer desserts include homemade popsicles made directly from blended fruit and their juices.

When it comes to snacking this summer, try to stay clear of chips and cookies, and instead stick to fruits and vegetables. Another tasty healthy alternative to chips is air-popped popcorn.

One more great way to eat healthy this summer is to stay busy. Many people eat (especially snack!) when they are bored and not even hungry! By staying busy and active you will be less likely to eat when you aren’t really hungry.

With a little planning, and grocery shopping, you can enjoy a healthy but delicious diet this summer!