Easy Exercises any Senior Can Do

Are you trying to stay healthy as a senior? Many seniors are concerned that exercising might hurt or injure them, but if done correctly can be very beneficial. Exercising, even as a senior, can help you lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent joint damage and other issues as you age. Always consult your personal physician before starting an exercise program and be aware of and work within your limitations. The key is knowing the right exercises and doing them correctly and in proper form. With the proper exercises and form, […] Read Full Article »

How to Find Relief from Inflammation caused by Arthritis

One of the common health issues many seniors are suffering from is arthritis. In fact, it is estimated that 50 percent of the 65-and-older population has some form of arthritis. It is also the top cause for disability in America. In addition, seniors are not the only group of people impacted by arthritis; it affects people of all ages, even children. The symptoms of arthritis: Joint inflammation Restricted movement Pain Stiffness Red or warm skin Weakness We say “some form” because there are several types of arthritis. These include: osteoarthritis, […] Read Full Article »

Tips for Seniors Experiencing Loss and Grief

Not many groups of people know more about grief and bereavement than seniors. They have lost many family members and friends throughout the years. Many are even grieving the loss of a spouse. Grief can cause depression, loss of appetite, sleep problems, decreased memory or concentration, guilt, anger and more. It can even have an impact on the immune system, decreasing seniors’ tolerance to the flu, colds and more. There are many things seniors, or anyone experience grief, can do to try to feel better. 1. Spend time with your […] Read Full Article »

Benefits of Home Health Care

Elderly Lady in Flowered Dress

I am sure no one can relate to this article better than my Mother-In-Law.  As a business owner and career focused woman, with a busy family life as well, she understands the challenges of taking care of her elderly parents who live on the other side of the city from her.  Finding time in her busy schedule can be challenging; taking them to doctor’s appointments, to the grocery store, assisting with cleaning and maintaining their home, making sure their bills are being paid, and the list goes on and on. […] Read Full Article »

Activities your Senior can Enjoy this Winter

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As we age, we tend to slow down.  During the winter months it is so easy for seniors to stay in their homes and not venture out as much as they normally would. To keep your senior sharp, social, and active, try some of these activities.  They may be something that your senior has never tried, but no matter our age, anyone can enjoy a new activity. 1.  Bingo! It may seem like such a cliché thing to even mention (we’ve all heard of Grandma going to Bingo night, it’s […] Read Full Article »

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

Man with the Flu

The cold and flu season is here again. Unfortunately, seniors and their caregivers have a very high chance of becoming ill. Senior citizens tend to have weaker immune systems. Furthermore, on the grounds that a senior and their caregivers are very close, they’re bound to share illnesses. All things considered, there are several things you can do to decrease the odds that you or your senior will become ill. Essentially, the objective is to support the immune system and diminish introduction to germs. Here are 8 of our best tips […] Read Full Article »

Understanding Your Options When You Can’t Afford Home Health Care for Your Beloved Senior

The thought of having age turn your once vibrant parent into a semi-dependent person, particularly when you aren’t around to offer the much-needed help, can be daunting. The situation is even dire if an illness complicates calling for professional home health care that you can’t afford. Like most seniors, 80 percent, your elderly loved ones will prefer staying at home instead of an assisted living facility, but many will require 9 to 11 hours of assistance. So what are your options in such a situation? 1. Medicaid If your elderly loved one […] Read Full Article »

Keeping Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s or Dementia at Home

It’s your worst nightmare, you’re at an important business meeting and the police show up at your office to tell you that they need to speak to you. Your mom went to the grocery store and then got lost. She is now wandering around the neighborhood and refuses to get into their squad car. The police need you to come with them so that the three of you can talk her into leaving the scene. You leave work immediately and head to the location where your mother is situated. On […] Read Full Article »

Everything You Need to Know About Shingles in Senior Citizens

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 3 people in the US will develop Shingles, and there’s an estimated 1 million cases each year. Seniors citizens, especially those aged 50 and older, are at a greater risk of developing the disease if they had Chickenpox in the past. If you, or your loved one, are at risk of developing this disease, here are some things you need to know about treatment and home health care options if you or your loved one develop this disease. […] Read Full Article »

Importance of Exercise for Seniors Receiving Home Nursing Care


As the old saying goes, “a body in motion will stay in motion.” This notion rings accurate on so many levels, and we must do everything possible to stay in good general health so that we can continue to live our best possible lives. As an individual gets older, many people believe that they should slow down and avoid any exercise. This is faulty thinking because individuals, especially seniors, need to stay active by exercising their minds, bodies, and souls. Of course, they can’t train like Olympic athletes, but they […] Read Full Article »