The Top 3 Home Health Care Issues and How to Avoid Them

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When it comes to our beloved senior citizens, providing them with adequate care is our primary concern. Although some seniors thrive in a nursing home setting, many need more personalized attention; and when they are cared for by a home health professional, they experience less stress and frustration and can thrive. In fact, most elderly individuals prefer to live at home because they feel connected to their personal space and as the saying goes, “there’s no place like home.” Additionally, having a caregiver provide for your senior can also provide […] Read Full Article »

Tips for Keeping Your Loved One and Home Safe When Hiring a Home Health Care Worker

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For many families, hiring a home health care worker is a necessity because they either don’t have the financial means to care for their senior full time or understand that their senior has unique needs that they aren’t trained to handle. Regardless of the reason, ensuring that your loved one is safe is extremely important when you invite a home health care worker into your home. After all, elder abuse is extremely widespread. In fact, the American Association of Retired Persons notes than 1 out of 10 individuals in America over the […] Read Full Article »

Seniors with Depression Need Extra Care

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Depression affects people of all ages, and seniors are no exception. In fact, seniors may be particularly susceptible to depression due to feelings of isolation and losing loved ones. Many things can cause depression, and one of the top items on that list is dealing with health issues, especially serious ones, according to Seniors are often fighting cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and more. Adding to the complexity of helping seniors with depression, is that the symptoms of depression may be not be as clear for the […] Read Full Article »

Celebrating the 4th of July with your Senior

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Anyone can celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, including seniors. There are many activities everyone can enjoy to remember America’s day of independence! The most important thing to remember when planning Fourth of July activities for seniors is to find activities with no or limited standing and minimal exposure to the sun. Here are some ideas for activities seniors can enjoy when celebrating the Fourth of July: Crafting activities with a Fourth of July theme, such as American flags made out of felt or paper. Watching a movie with a […] Read Full Article »

The Undeniable Pros for Home Care with a Professional RN

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Unfortunately, residents of assisted living facilities, according to CDC, are more vulnerable to certain new medical conditions compared to patients or seniors who choose to stay at home with one-on-one once or twice a week professional care. Some of the Alarming New Medical Conditions among Assisted Living Residents Include… About 40% of new Assisted Living residents suffer from short-term memory issues. They become disoriented and confused about where they are and why they are there. A report published by the US National Library of Medicine states that memory problems are […] Read Full Article »

Arthritis Might Behind Many Seniors’ Pains Complaints

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Although their pain may be caused by various reasons, please do not ignore the fact that arthritis might be the cause of your patient’s pain. In fact, according to Everyday Health, arthritis is most likely the #1 condition people who are 65 and older suffer from. The Center for Disease Control notes that almost 50 percent of seniors suffer from arthritis so severely that is lowers their quality of life. Arthritis can affect the joints in most parts of the body, including the hands, feet, hips, and especially knees. The […] Read Full Article »

Why You Need a Nurse Instead of a Caregiver: The Nurse Practice Act!

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Did you know that based on a 2016 report, 61% of U.S. citizens and residents above 55 are thinking of retiring in their home rather than agreeing to live in a nursing home or elderly facility? There are two main reasons for this decision. They prefer to live near family, and in familiar surroundings. They don’t want to lose their independence. For families and individuals with medical conditions planning for their retirement years at home there are two choices: hire a caregiver or hire an RN to come in to […] Read Full Article »

Why Home Nursing Care Might Work Best For Your Senior

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Senior citizens often encounter a wide range of ailments that significantly impact their day-to-day living and the quality of their lives. In some instances, family members can provide home health care for their loved ones. In other cases, however, their loved ones are unable to provide adequate care and place them in a facility, which often leaves them and their senior in a horrible predicament. Unfortunately, some of these seniors in an institutional setting, experience elder care abuse, which causes them extreme frustration and causes their loved one’s guilt and […] Read Full Article »

The Growing Problem of Senior Citizens and Gambling

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The majority of seniors refuse to listen to financial advice, especially if it comes from relatives and strangers. In 2014, a report came out that lonely single seniors have became the fastest growing population of gamblers. Based on a 2018 report, half of the casino visitors are above 50. They come from nearby nursing homes, travel by bus from their home, or go in groups. The reasons they give for enjoying gambling include: • It’s fun and a break from the routine • They’re lonely and would like to be […] Read Full Article »

Latest Medical News for Seniors that You Need to Know

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A few medical studies about seniors were released late 2017 and early 2018 that would be worth reading if you have a relative who is over 60 years old. The first news is that researchers from UCLA found that sitting for most of the day can affect the brain’s medial temporal lobe. When a senior sits for most of the day, this lobe starts to thin and affects the brain’s ability to make new memories. Also, too much time in a chair or bed increases the risk for diabetes and […] Read Full Article »