Enjoying the Hot, Summer Weather Safely

Summer is a beautiful time of year. Everything is green, the sun is shining, and the weather is beautiful…. most of the time.

For seniors, however, summer weather can also bring special health concerns. But don’t worry! There is no reason seniors can’t enjoy the fabulous weather summer has to offer! Here are seven tips to ensure a happy and healthy summer season.

1. Don’t get too hot.

Everyone should be sure to not get overheated. Being outside for even shorts amount of time when it is very hot can create problems for seniors or anyone with medical concerns. So try to stay cool as much as possible. There are many air-conditioned places to visit during the summer, such as museums, shopping malls, libraries and more.

2. Stay hydrated.

This is probably the most important piece of advice to follow during the hot summer months (or any time!). Be sure to drink water often throughout the day. Carry water with you when out and about, too.

3. Dress appropriately.

It is important to dress appropriately for the weather. In the hot, summer months wear cotton and other natural fabrics to help keep you cool. Even better, make sure your clothes are lighter-colored, which is less likely to attract the sun than darker colors. Loose fitting close are also usually more comfortable in the heat than tight-fighting clothes.

4. Wear sunscreen.

Everyone should wear sunscreen – and not just in the summer! Sunscreen is one of the top defenses against skin cancer.

5. Wear a hat.

Hats are important to wear on the days when the sun is shining bright. They can prevent sunburns to the scalp and some will also help protect the eyes.

6. Wear sunglasses.

Speaking of protecting your eyes, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses with you when you leave the house this summer. Not only can sunglasses make your eyes feel comfortable, they can protect your vision, too!

Don’t let the sun scare you into staying home during the beautiful summer weather! By following these tips, you can get out and have fun!