Activities your Senior can Enjoy this Winter

As we age, we tend to slow down.  During the winter months it is so easy for seniors to stay in their homes and not venture out as much as they normally would. To keep your senior sharp, social, and active, try some of these activities.  They may be something that your senior has never tried, but no matter our age, anyone can enjoy a new activity.

1.  Bingo!

It may seem like such a cliché thing to even mention (we’ve all heard of Grandma going to Bingo night, it’s even mentioned many times in movies) but this is a great way for seniors to keep their mind sharp as well as socialize.  They may meet people that would never normally meet, and will enjoy matching the letters and numbers on their cards.

This can also be a great opportunity for caregivers as well.  See if there’s a way you can volunteer at your local Bingo night and you and your senior can go together!

2. Walking

If the weather isn’t too frightful, a walk in the fresh air may be just what the doctor ordered.  It’s so easy to become a hermit during the winter months, but going out for some fresh air can really make a world of difference both physically and mentally. Just make sure your senior is safe and warm when doing so.

3. Go Swimming

Most people don’t even think of swimming during the winter months, but no matter where you live, there is bound to be an indoor pool near you.

Swimming is one of the best exercising activities for seniors.  The water is relaxing and activity is always low impact, not to mention very effective.

4. Begin or Join a Book Club

Joining or starting a book club is a great way for your senior to stay social and keep their mind sharp. They’ll be exercising their mind by reading and will really enjoy the in-depth conversations over their favorite parts of the books.
If you, as a caregiver, would like to get involved, join in on the fun!  If you choose not to participate in the book reading, you can still show support by hosting or helping your loved one with refreshments and making sure the guests are comfortable.

5. Pick up some indoor gardening

Believe it or not, there are several benefits to gardening and tending to plants.  Whether you’re growing vegetables and herbs, or just a few common house plants, tending to plants can be really enjoyable for your senior.  It’s calming, gives a great sense or nurturing and responsibility, and if your senior is growing vegetables or herbs can even lead to eating a little healthier.

6. Host a game night

Break out the chess board, Scrabble, or even Monopoly and have your senior invite over their friends for a game night!  Healthy completion between friends is always fun and great mental stimulation.

Of course you, as a caregiver, can always join in and even help out with hosting the guests.

You and your senior don’t have to go into hibernation this winter.  Enjoy some of these activities to keep them active and social.

If you need any assistance this winter caring for your senior, please don’t hesitate to call Nurses Guild.  We can match you with a qualified care giver that will help with all of your senior’s needs.