Staying Sharp: How to Maintain Mental Agility as You Age

We all want to retain as much of our youth as possible. Though genetics have a large part to play in how well we age, they are not the only predictor. In fact, there are many steps we can take to make the most of the cards nature has dealt us. Diet and exercise are probably the first that come to mind and are relatively straightforward solutions for physical health. But what about mental abilities? Do we have as much control over our brain’s fitness as our body’s fitness? Though […] Read Full Article »

How to Start Making Healthy Changes at Any Age

Changing a habit can be difficult, especially one that’s been around for years or decades. As we grow older it’s often easy to tell ourselves it’s too late to change our ways. But the truth is, it’s never too late to make new choices to benefit your health! Even small changes can have big impact on your health and well-being. Though challenging at times, lifestyle changes are not impossible, especially if they are small and manageable. Read on for ideas on how to start living a healthier life, no matter […] Read Full Article »

How to Keep Cool: Senior Safety in The Summer

Summer is here…a time for fun, vacation, and relaxation. But along with summer comes the heat. Though we all need to take precautions when temperatures rise, seniors especially must be extra careful. Whether staying home or traveling this season, these tips are sure to make your summer a safe one. Read Full Article »

How to Find the Best Home Healthcare Nurse Who Cares By Asking the Right Questions

home healthcare

Probably the most difficult tasks for families with aging, sick, or disabled family members is finding a home care professional with all the necessary credentials and experience who has the ability to empathize with the patient and family members alike. According to a recent post by the Washington Post, there will be a severe shortage of home health aides across the country and the effects are already being felt across the country. The dilemma of many nursing and health care professionals is finding the balance between doing the job and […] Read Full Article »