Enjoying the Holidays with Seniors and the Elderly

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The holidays can be very hectic and oftentimes it is the children, the sick, disabled, and elderly who get neglected as we frantically try to do everything to make the holidays special for everyone. No one will argue about the holidays as being the time most anticipated by practically everyone with family and friends. However, why not try to make the holidays ever more memorable and special for those who don’t have family or who feel left out of the preparations? For family members living in your home who cannot […] Read Full Article »

Making Memories: Special Activities to do with Grandchildren

It’s a given that grandparents have much to offer their grandchildren. Grandparents’ wisdom, experience, and first-hand knowledge of historical events can have a wonderful, positive impact on younger generations. But grandchildren can affect grandparents for the better as well. Studies show that helping take care of grandchildren can improve scores on cognition tests. And since it’s well known that social interaction positively affects mental health, it may be concluded that spending time bonding with grandchildren can increase grandparents’ health and well-being. Read Full Article »

Caring for Seniors – When to Seek Professional Help

Those of us at the Nurses Guild understand that caring for an elderly loved one is often a difficult stage of life. You want the best for your family member, to help him or her maintain health and independence for as long as possible—even if it means sacrificing your own comfort or well-being. What many family caregivers may not realize, however, is that sacrificing too much can ultimately have negative effects—on your health, the health of your loved one, and on your relationships. Knowing when it’s time to ask for […] Read Full Article »

Safety in the Storm: Hurricane Tips for Senior Citizens and Those with Health Conditions

As a resident of Florida, you are well aware that severe weather can often appear out of nowhere. While most residents know what to do to prepare for a hurricane or major storm, many do not know about the extra precautions needed for senior citizens and those with chronic health conditions. Though each person’s needs are specific to their situation, there are steps to be taken that can help ensure your unique needs are met during times of severe weather. Read Full Article »

Should Seniors Have Pets? Questions to Ask

The benefits of pet ownership are numerous and well-known. Seniors especially are often encouraged to keep pets as they are an excellent way of staying active and social, and help prevent loneliness, depression, and stress. Pet ownership is even correlated with lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and fewer doctor visits. But is it right for you? Below you’ll find some questions to ask yourself before making the decision to adopt a furry friend. Read Full Article »

How to Stay Healthy When Mobility is Limited

When recovering from an injury, surgery, or managing a health condition such as arthritis, you may find that your previous exercise routine is not possible. This doesn’t mean exercise must be stopped altogether. In fact, finding new ways to get moving can aid in the healing process, make chronic health conditions more manageable, and boost your mood. Keep reading for tips on how to stay healthy when mobility is limited. Read Full Article »