Increasing Activity During Spring Season

You may be looking for some unique ways to welcome the Spring season. This is the perfect time to add new activities to your schedule. Here are some ideas on how to enjoy the season without adding unwanted stress to your body!


Gardening is the perfect Spring activity. It is relaxing, nonstrenuous, and is a great way to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Gardening can also be rewarding as you watch your plants and flowers grow and bloom over the coming weeks and months.

Taking a Walk

Taking a slow (or brisk if you are able) walk is wonderful for your health. And there is no better time than Spring to get out and take a stroll.

Sitting Outside

Even just sitting outside on your porch in a comfy chair is a relaxing Spring activity. Take some deep breaths, look around at the blooming flowers or birds flying overhead. Or sit outside at a local coffee shop and do some people-watching!

Visit a Farmer’s Market or Art Festival

Be on the lookout for farmer’s markets or festivals that may be taking place in your area. These are great opportunities to take peaceful strolls while talking with friends and possibly picking up some new items for you home.

These are just a sample of the many things you can do to get out and enjoy the Spring weather. Other ideas include: fishing, picking flowers, crafting at an outside picnic table, and feeding nearby birds. Enjoy!