Helping Families Face the Inevitable

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Sadly, not all home care patients recover completely and many have to face major changes in their life like being bedridden, wholly or partially immobile, or have difficulty with other motor or bodily functions. Even more awkward, perhaps even distasteful, is the inevitable fact of death. Yet, the reality has to be faced and the best way to do it is with professional help. No, you don’t have to start planning for the worst yet. There are many ways you can still help a family member with a chronic condition […] Read Full Article »

6 Main Areas of Concern regarding Home Health Care

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are six areas of concern for those who enter into a home health care environment. They are: Violence on the job Allergies Musculoskeletal disorders Unsafe conditions Drive-related injuries Needle-sticks and sharp objects injuries Violence on the Job Sadly, violence occurs from varying levels and can cause harm to nurses, family members, patient, or even neighbors. Each home with an invalid has specific conditions which means there is no set formula on how to handle every situation. The home care […] Read Full Article »

The Importance of Creating Your Family Health History: Understanding Genetic Conditions

Your family medical history is a treasure trove of information if the information is readily available. Ideally, a family medical history should cover three generations and should include data not just from immediate family but also grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings. With your family medical history, you can help your doctors, nurses, and interested relatives with the following: Genetic factors Presence of hereditary medical conditions and disorders Percentage of risk for a specific condition Present possible allergic reactions to specific allergens, medication or treatment Lifestyle choices Environmental choices It […] Read Full Article »

How to Promote Self-Esteem in a Senior

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Building self-esteem and self-confidence in a senior can be beneficial for everyone that is involved with the senior’s care. When the senior is happy that means that the family member, private caregivers and anyone else involved in their care will receive numerous benefits. The family will be happy because they will know that they have chosen the correct home care service and the service will be happy because they know they are providing quality service to the senior. When one person is happy, everyone is happy. Seniors become vulnerable as […] Read Full Article »

Daily Habits for Overall Senior Health

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Habits become so familiar that they become effortless. Human beings are creatures of habit and we are wired to want security. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but the amount of time that it takes will depend on the person’s circumstances and personality. When it comes to setting healthy daily habits, it is important to have support, guidance and encouragement from family and caregivers. Below the worst and best daily habits for seniors will be discussed. Bad Habits Spending too much time in front […] Read Full Article »

Fall Prevention

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As we get older, health conditions, physical changes and even sometimes medications can cause a person to fall. Falls in the home are the leading cause of injury among seniors. There are six strategies that can help with the prevention of falls. #1 Talk to your doctor To start making a fall-prevention plan, speak with your doctor. You will need to take a list of all the prescription medications and over-the-counter medication that you are currently taking. The doctor will review your medication to make sure none of them interact […] Read Full Article »