Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

I bet many don’t know that January is national bath safety month. While there may not be any formal celebrations in your neighborhood, it is a good opportunity to share some Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors and those receiving geriatric care and home health care.

Bathroom Safety Tips for SeniorsFirst of all, it is hard to see the precautionary safety measures that need to be made sometimes because some people have lived in their houses for a very long time and are used to their daily routine there. But, if you take a closer look, there are many dangerous aspects to a bathroom that can be prevented. If you are unable to make the changes yourself, seek the assistance of your home health care nurse or geriatrics physician for contacts to assist you. 

One of the most popular safety additions to the home of someone requiring geriatrics care is an assistant rail in the shower or bathtub. These help seniors get in and out of the bath or shower and can also give them something to hold onto when bathing. Even with assistant rails, seniors may still need a home health care nurse or house call nurse to help with bathing and grooming. In addition, seniors can use a transfer bench to help transition into the shower. According to Parentgiving, “A transfer bench that goes over and inside the tub makes it possible to sit on one edge and swivel legs into the tub for bathing. ”

A very simple, but effective, addition to the bathtub or shower is a bath mat that makes the surface less slippery to help prevent falls.

For the toilet, safety rails or toilet seat risers can be extremely beneficial to keep seniors from having to bend their knees too much to sit on the toilet. This is especially necessary for seniors receiving geriatric care for bad knees or joints. In addition, the safety rails allow seniors to have a reliable bar to hold onto when getting on and off the toilet. 

While this may seem out of reach, some form of an emergency call button connected to a family member, emergency services outlet or geriatrics care physician can be the difference that saves a life in the case of a fall or incident. Several companies provide these services in the form of a keychain or necklace that can stay with the person at all times – this is almost preferred.

What other bathroom safety tips do you have for seniors?