Caring for Seniors – When to Seek Professional Help

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Those of us at the Nurses Guild understand that caring for an elderly loved one is often a difficult stage of life. You want the best for your family member, to help him or her maintain health and independence for as long as possible—even if it means sacrificing your own comfort or well-being. What many family caregivers may not realize, however, is that sacrificing too much can ultimately have negative effects—on your health, the health of your loved one, and on your relationships. Knowing when it’s time to ask for help is often difficult and many factors may affect this decision. We’ve compiled a few questions to help you decide if it’s time to give us a call.

Physical Limits

Is your loved one’s mobility decreasing? Do you find yourself doing more lifting, assisting, or other physically demanding activities to help your senior? Most importantly, is this help causing physical strain, often leaving you too tired to care for yourself properly? Such strain on your own body can lead to injury, leaving your senior stranded. If caring for your loved one is possibly causing your own physical health to decline, consider seeking professional help.

Financial Limits

Do you find yourself taking extra time off work, or have you quit your job to make sure your loved one is getting proper care? Is this loss of income causing financial stress on your household? It may be time to give us a call. Though in the past getting quality home nursing care at an affordable price was difficult, today there are more options. If you’d like to know more about our costs, contact us for a free Home Healthcare Consultation.

Time Limits

Do you find yourself stretched too thin? Between caring for children, work, and making sure your senior’s needs are met, are you left with no time to care for yourself? If you’ve realized that you’re burning the candle at both ends just to take care of daily responsibilities, consider contacting us. Your time is precious. Let us help you enjoy the time you have with the ones you love.

Emotional Limits

Caring for your loved one, especially a parent or someone who raised you, can be a very emotional experience. They may not be as strong or capable as you once knew them to be, and this becomes even more apparent as they become more dependent on you. It is a time of shifting roles, from being the one cared for to the one giving the care. The stress and difficulty that naturally come with such a time of life are nothing to be ashamed of. And asking for help does not mean you care any less. Rather, it means you are doing your part to ensure the best quality of life for someone you love. Does the thought of having quality, caring, professional help make you breathe a sigh of relief? Contact us today.


The Nurses Guild offers a wide range of in-home services provided by caring, qualified staff. We understand the importance of helping your senior stay as healthy, happy, and independent as possible. For more information on our services, rates, and how we can help meet the needs of you and your loved one, contact us today. Our Home Healthcare Consultations are always free.