Importance of Support Groups for Caregivers

Caregiving can be an extremely difficult job – both physically and mentally. Having someone else depend on you for some or all of their health needs is extremely taxing to say the least. Although caregivers have to have a certain degree of compassion and genuinely love and care about the person they’re assisting, many feel unprepared for the struggles that come from caring for their loved one day in and day out. Some may even feel an overwhelming sense of grief and depression or may jeopardize their own person lives because they can’t adequately balance their needs and the needs of their loved one. As such, they too may experience health issues as well. In addition, the feeling of isolation is common and many caregivers do not know where to turn for help. The good news is that there are support groups that they can turn to for assistance.

Support groups can be found online and offline and are a safe haven where caregivers can speak with other people that really understand what they are going through. They can be a place where they can openly address their struggles and triumphs a swell. Being a caregiver isn’t easy but being involved in a community of other people who are going through a similar situation can bring a sense of peace. By being able to exchange real-life experiences with others who have been there, you can get the support you need.

Many support groups also provide possible coping solutions like meditation and yoga. They are a great place to share your feeling, concerns and needs as a caregiver and learn about the different resources that may be available in your area. The best way to know if a support group is right for you is to attend one of the meetings and watch and listen to the group and the leader of the group. has online support groups for caregivers that are broken down into categories. Things like Alzheimer’s and dementia care, caring for a parent, caring for a spouse, assisted living, caregiving at home, Parkinson’s support, cancer support and many others. Membership is fee and it is easy to sign up and browse through the different categories to find a support group to assist you. You can post your questions or concerns and offer valuable advice to other members. is an online community where you can meet other caregivers and experts in many areas of care. Here you can get answers to many of your questions and one-on-one support. There are many sub-forums, for example, Caregiver Burnout Questions, Grief Support Group, Elder Law Questions and New to Caregiving Support Group.  offers a place for caregivers to go to seek support of others as a caregiver. It is free to join this community as well. You can even start your own blog here. Some of the areas of the forum include: Monthly Challenges, Get Organized, Ask a Question and Caregiving Cookbook.

It is also helpful to take a break from caregiving once in a while to allow yourself to relax and enjoy something without the worry of being the caregiver. Hiring a reputable home health agency, such as The Nurses Guild Home Health Agency, can bring tremendous relief. Not only will competent and caring professionals come into the home to care for your loved one, they can help you find time to do the things that you need to keep yourself happy. Whether it is a few hours a day, one day a week or several hours every day, the Nurses Guild Home Health Agency can help you find the balance you need so you can adequately care for your loved one. After all, nothing beats having a trained professional to assist with your loved one so that you can enjoy quality personal time to do the things you need to do.