Practical and Easy Technology for Seniors

Technology has changed the way we live, but 15% of those aged over 60 do not own or use a mobile device. About 32% of seniors also admit to not using the Internet saying that they fear it, don’t understand how to use it, or don’t think it is relevant.

However, digital technology has crossed over to medical and health apps and now there are some significant advances in health app for seniors – if they make that momentous decision to go online.

Medical experts are encouraging seniors to try the Internet because they represent the demographic group that is sickest or most likely to spend the most on health care and health maintenance. With the Internet, it is possible to lower health care costs and improve safety around the environment and immediate surroundings. It will also make younger relatives feel reassured that there is some level of guidance especially for the independent-minded elderly.

Digital Technology for Seniors

Micromedex – This is very simple app that can help you with your medication dosage and alternate recommendations. If you want to find out more about the medicine you are taking, you can search for easy-to-understand information on this app.

The app costs $3 to download and is available for Android and iOS.

Red Cross First Aid – A familiar name that everyone trusts is Red Cross. Their app is free to download and contains all the information you will need in case of accidents and first aid care. You also get quick quizzes to test your knowledge on extraordinary situations like storms, hurricanes, or floods.  The information can be uploaded to your phone and stored there for whenever you need it so no need to worry about cell signal or Internet signal to get the data in an emergency.

MyChart – This free app helps you keep your medical records on your smartphone. You won’t have to bring along hard copies anymore when you visit your doctor or pharmacist and you can contact your doctor/clinic using this app. Even if you have no cell signal, the information is available provided you keep it updated and uploaded on your phone.

In addition to having all your medical information on your smartphone, you can allow close relatives or your home care nurse access to information so they can help you monitor your health.

Some of the apps can be used on wearable devices making it easy for you to track your medical status by the hour. Learning how to use these devices and apps will greatly enhance your quality of life and give you more independence and control over your life.