How to Promote Self-Esteem in a Senior

Building self-esteem and self-confidence in a senior can be beneficial for everyone that is involved with the senior’s care. When the senior is happy that means that the family member, private caregivers and anyone else involved in their care will receive numerous benefits. The family will be happy because they will know that they have chosen the correct home care service and the service will be happy because they know they are providing quality service to the senior. When one person is happy, everyone is happy.

Seniors become vulnerable as they age and are no longer able to perform many of the daily activities that they are used to doing. It is a big change for them to have caregivers come  into their homes and do the things that they are used to doing themselves. It will take time for them to adjust to this new way of living, especially since they believe they are losing their independence. Fragile bones, poor eyesight and other health issues can make it difficult for them to move around their home. Their health can affect their self-esteem. There are several ways that family and caregivers can help the senior build their self-esteem.

  • Instead of the caregiver or family member making decisions for the senior, ask them their opinion. Involve them in the type of assistance they need.
  • Give your senior small tasks that they can complete by themselves. The tasks should not be too complicated or time consuming. For example, you can have them help you fold laundry while they are sitting at the table.
  • Ask them why types of hobbies they enjoy. Then schedule their day around these hobbies.
  • Ask the senior about their past. Look through photo albums with them and let them talk about the history behind the photos.

The Nurses Guild Home Health Agency has a staff that is able to assist the family and their loved ones when it comes to home care. They are trained to care for the senior in many aspects and offer support to family as well. When working with the agency, anytime there is a concern or question about the well-being of the loved one, the family should not hesitate to ask the staff that is caring for the loved one for help. That is what they are there for, to support the senior and make sure that they are living life to the fullest.