Senior Travel Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer Vacation

It’s the season for vacation! When planning a trip, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to think about all the necessary arrangements to be made, but even more so if you have special health considerations. So, we’ve come up with some very useful tips to consider when planning your trip.


Before You Go

Be sure to think ahead to make arrangements for your particular needs. Are your accommodations air conditioned? Wheelchair or walker accessible? Can your hotel and airline cater to any dietary or mobility restrictions you may have? As we mentioned in a previous post, it’s important to think about the climate you’ll be visiting and any additional precautions you might need to take. For example, is it hotter or drier? Are mosquitoes more of a problem at your destination? And don’t forget to talk to your doctor about making sure you have enough of any medications you might be taking, or how a different climate might affect those medications.


On The Way

If traveling by plane, it’s a good idea to put some extra thought into your carry-on. Anything you can’t live without in a 24-hour period must go in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost. A change of clothes is a good idea, but even more important are your medications. If any of your medications are liquids, there may be requirements for how they are packed. Be sure to have a copy of your prescriptions, doctors’ contact information, and all other travel documents in an easily accessible place so as not to encounter any unnecessary hold-ups.

Whether traveling by plane or by car, you’ll want to be sure not to sit for too long as this can cause stiffness or even circulation problems. Take little walks around the plane periodically, or make the most of a road trip by stopping frequently to check out some sights along the way.

Taking extra care to stay hydrated while traveling is also very important. Air cabins can be especially dry. Don’t hesitate to ask your flight attendant for extra water, and drink before you feel thirsty. Periodically applying moisturizer to any exposed skin also helps prevent fluid loss.


While There

One of the most important things to remember on any vacation is… have fun! Precautions are necessary, but don’t worry so much that you forget to enjoy yourself. That being said, it’s also important not to overdo it. It’s easy when traveling to push yourself a little too much, maybe trying to keep up with younger family members. But being careful not to over exert yourself will ensure that you have energy to last through the entirety of your trip.

Finally, be aware of potential theft risks while on vacation. Though we all like to share photos and updates when traveling, if you use social media, make sure this information is only viewable by those you trust. Openly sharing your vacation highlights means you’re also openly sharing that your home is unoccupied, a potential invitation for burglary. Double check to make sure your privacy settings are set to only your friends. Also, be cautious of your personal belongings, such as purses and wallets, when you’re in any new and unfamiliar place. Senior citizens can, unfortunately, be a target for mugging. Staying alert and aware of your surroundings can prevent such attacks.

Whether traveling by plane or by car, we hope these useful tips help you enjoy a great summer. Bon Voyage!