When it is Time to Pursue Home Health Care

Home Health Care

When it is Time to Pursue Home Health Care

There are plenty of emotions when parents and family members get older and need additional home health needs. It is hard for both the person who needs help and the family that sees this need. Typically, the person in question at times does not want to admit that they need help. After being self-sufficient for one’s entire life, it is challenging to ask for help with care to complete normal daily activities.

The truth is that the need for additional help is apart of life and there is nothing shameful or weak about being honest when you need home health. There are plenty of indicators for a person and their family when home health care needs to be pursued.

When you or a loved one cannot perform typical daily actions without assistance, it may be time to get home health. While in some situations there are spouses or close friends and family to help that isn’t always the case. A home health care nurse is a great resource for those that need help cooking, cleaning or bathing.

Home health care is also very helpful when individuals don’t have enough mobility to move around their house safely and efficiently. Home health can be an asset to review the situation in the home and find ways to install additions to help with mobility. This can be something as simple as bars near the toilet for extra support or an elevator lift for wheelchairs on the stairs.

Mobility can also be assisted with home health care nurses who perform physical therapy to help with joints and muscles that are getting apathetic from lack of use. This kind of therapy can be adjusted to one’s specific health limitations and needs.

Home health care is also helpful when someone is unable to attend doctor or specialist appointments or needs daily medical care with medicines or wrappings. Home health care nurses can perform simple tasks such as re-dressing wounds or even performing blood tests to update doctors on the person’s medical condition.

It is very important that once a decision is made to pursue home health that the family circles around that person emotionally to keep their spirits up. It is easy for something like this to take the wind out of a person’s sails, giving them less motivation and vigor for life. While this is not true in all situations, it is very common and can be even more debilitating. Home health care should be seen as a way to continue life with more quality; it is in no way the end.