Top Issues with Home Care Providers You Should Know

According to the January 2018 report by Nursing Home Abuse Center, up to 2 million elderly patients a year are victims of maltreatment, neglect, exploitation, and frequent injuries that could have been prevented had the caregiver or relative been more attentive. Maltreatment can be caused by lack of formal training to detect and prevent injuries or patient neglect. Sadly, not all cases are reported to authorities.

This is one of the reasons why professional nursing home care has been gaining traction in the United States at a rate of 4% growth per annum. Home care has turned into a full-blown industry and one of the fastest growing industries in the country. There are several reasons for this growth but primarily because home care helps families save money and opt for a more cost-efficient treatment and patient care.

Other reasons for the dramatic shift towards home health care include:

  1. A patient’s comfort is given high priority because the majority of patients feel stifled under the strict control and monitoring of hospital or nursing home staff. In contrast, being at home affords the patient more privacy and independence in a familiar environment surrounded by family and loved ones while keeping some degree of normalcy.
  2. Home care services are like VIP’s because of the one-on-one care the patient receives from the nurse or caregiver. And who doesn’t like the sound of being a VIP?
  3. Caring and professional nursing services can help the patient become more self-reliant, independent, and proactive with treatment. For instance, the patient will be able to discuss with the professional his therapy schedule, meal times, bath and nap times and be more involved in the medical care and treatment. In short, professional home care can help restore the patient’s self-esteem and minimize daily stress.

Not all home healthcare providers are managed equally well. Unfortunately, many of them have caused patients and their family undue stress by delivering poor nursing care services. If only for this reason, it is critical to select a provider with credentials, experience, and extensive training; can diligently follow doctor’s instructions and always be respectful to both patient and his family.

There are emerging issues with home health care that every family should be aware of. Knowing what to watch out for will improve the quality of care especially if the nurse or caregiver is poorly trained.

The Top Issues with Home Healthcare

Poor Communications – Whether the communications are between multiple caregivers or between family members and caregivers, so many problems can arise from this poor communication. To avoid this, assign a point man that will oversee the patient’s care. At Nurses Guild, we make it a point to always have a point nurse who is highly qualified to prevent miscommunication or gaps in communication.

Inconsistent Quality of Care – With different nurses or caregivers coming in on different days or times, there is a high chance that some will be better than others; that some will be lazier than others. Working with Nurses Guild will prevent that because all their nurses passed stringent criteria and examination of the quality of work before joining the agency.

No Accountability – Every caregiver, nurse or agency must be willing to take full responsibility for the patient while under his or her care. They should encourage feedback from patient and family to help them improve their services. There should be a formal agreement, on the job requirements, and responsibilities to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the arrangement. This should include finding immediate replacements for absent caregivers or nurses and professional care that limits the amount of time a caregiver or nurse spends on their mobile devices.

The right group or individual to bring into your home to care for your loved one must have professional experience and educational credentials. They must also have a positive attitude and empathy for the patient and understand and agree with the expectations of the family and patient. They must allow background checks, and most important of all, have integrity and pride in the job of helping the patient be more comfortable, clean, and safe. Finally, they should be able to meet the patient’s need for sustenance, medicine schedule, and overall physical and mental care. This is what we at Nurses Guild can a promise. Give us a call and let’s discuss how our nurses can help you.