Understanding the Difference between Home Health Care and Home Care

When a person is in the hospital, the main concerns of the family include the physical and mental state, but also the nagging concern regarding medical costs. In recent years, alternatives to hospital care have been introduced and they are mainly home health care and home care.

The main difference between home health care and home care is the kind of care that a patient gets. With home health care, professional registered nurses, therapists and medical staff come to the house, whereas with home care, one can hire a caregiver who can provide non-clinical care.

Second, with home care, the caregiver usually is also the person who prepares the meals, cleans the house, drives the patient around, dresses the wound, grooms the patient, and even does errands for the patient like pay utility bills and do the shopping.

Home health care is hospital care at home and recommended when the patient:

  • is stable but needs monitoring and a professional nurse to attend to his medical needs.
  • is in deteriorating health but does not need to be in a hospital.
  • is in need of therapy.
  • is often alone and sick, and can potentially suffer from poor mental health.

If the doctor prescribes home health care, it can be covered by insurance so the debate about home care being more affordable may not be relevant.

The Benefits of Home Health Care and Home Care

With both services, you get assistance. However, with home health care, the assistance comes in the form of medical, while with home care, the assistance can cover other services. The advantage of home health care is the focus on the patient. With the expanded services offered with home care, the risks increase that mistakes will be made or schedules will be missed.

Comfort Is Key

Being at home can be therapeutic because it is where a person is most comfortable and can relax. It also helps being around familiar faces and memories.

Healing Can Be Quicker

Research proves time and again that patients who are at home have a faster recovery rate and less inclined to deteriorate physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is because they are with their family in a place that comforts them.

More Sterile

As you know, a hospital is a place where one can easily pick up a virus, thus being at home can be a safer zone because you can control the sterility. Studies also show that patients in home health care are less likely to be readmitted to the hospital because they get professional medical attention and care at home.

Choosing between home health care and home care is not a difficult decision. In fact, you can have both services and reduce your medical costs while ensuring your loved one is safe, taken care of, and always in good hands.