Why maintaining a fitness routine as a senior citizen is so important

aerobicStarting and maintaining an exercise routine as a senior citizen can be quite challenging, but there are many options for staying active during this phase of life, for example, senior citizen fitness classes like seated aerobics, are especially designed to fit the health needs and abilities of senior citizens.

A class like seated aerobics is particularly useful to work on mobility, strength, and flexibility. Plus, the addition of using a chair, means that even those with balance issues can take part in the class.

Some of the benefits to taking part in fitness classes such as seated aerobics are that it can help one to move with more ease throughout the day.

Every little but helps as far as exercise for senior citizens and taking a fitness class especially designed for older adults can help muscles get stronger, making everyday tasks become easier.

Whether it is through taking a fitness class or having a personal exercise regime, senior citizens can truly benefit by having an active lifestyle.

Recently, a new study which appears in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society found that seniors who take more steps than most by walking or jogging actually performed better on memory tasks. Staying active as a senior can be obtained in a variety of ways, and has been found to help people stay mentally fit as they age. The study concludes that the effects of physical activity extend to long-term memory, which is the same type of memory that is negatively impacted by aging and neurodegenerative dementias like Alzheimer’s disease.

Maintaining an active lifestyle as a senior, not only gives you physical benefits as warding off obesity and cardiovascular-related diseases, but also a lack of physical activity may also affect one’s memory abilities, serving as yet another reason to stay active as a senior, whether through fitness classes or following a personal routine.