Senior Citizen Prom – Will you go to Prom with Me?

senior promThere’s a new trend emerging for assisted living, home health care and geriatric care facilities – senior prom! No, no, not the traditional prom for seniors in high school, senior citizens! I know this may seem like a silly concept, but the Senior Citizen Prom is actually catching fire around the country, sparking a youthful spirit in seniors and encouraging them to stay social. (2)

First of all, if you haven’t read the post on this blog, “Helping Seniors Stay Social,” you should go check it out to see why it is so important to keep seniors socialized for the mental and emotional health. Just a peep:

“One recent study from the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago found that highly social seniors had a 70 percent lower rate of cognitive decline than their less social peers. Another study by researchers at the University of Alabama in Birmingham discovered that Internet use was associated with a 30 percent decrease in depressive symptoms. (1)”

So what’s the deal with these senior proms? I bet you can imagine what it looks like. It is very similar to the prom you remember from high school. Decorations, snacks, drinks, music and dancing – and most importantly, fun! There are even times when a king and queen are crowned. Geriatric care organizations, home health providers and assisted living facilities can present awards, honor patients and residents for volunteerism or positive qualities. It is a great way to get seniors out of their traditional daily routine and create lasting memories! (2)

(2)Sometimes these events are held at assisted living facilities or local community centers, hosted by home health care agencies or geriatrics care organizations. Since there are seniors with all levels of mobility and issues related to their health and ongoing therapy, there are often geriatric care professionals present just in case. Seniors that require a wheelchair can be placed on the dance floor by volunteers to enjoy their favorite songs. (2)

Senior proms are a great way to unite the community and encourage seniors to have fun and enjoy life. Many times, student groups from local high schools will work the event from the decorations and theme, all the way to cleaning up at the end of the night. “Closing the generation gap through an evening of socializing, the student volunteers play a large role in making the evening enjoyable for prom goers. (2)”

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