How to Help Seniors Beat Depression

Many people of senior age suffer from depression or emotional distress. According to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, depression is a leading cause in a lower quality of life experienced by senior citizens. If you have questions or concerns and would like to improve home life for your loved one, contact The Nurses Guild. They may be able to help in the five areas affected seniors struggle the most. These areas include disability, demands on caregivers, a decline in general, diminished sense of quality of life, and dementia. […] Read Full Article »

Senior Assistance Programs: You Earned it and You Deserve It!

There are so many assistance programs available that specialize in the needs of senior citizens. Many seniors have worked all of their lives and are now ready to sit back, relax, and worry less. There are many resources available through the federal, state and local agencies that will help meet the needs of a fixed budget. There are also programs that are offered by nonprofit organizations that can also provide much-needed assistance. Maybe you are in a financial pickle or just need affordable healthcare options. There are many benefits programs […] Read Full Article »

Tender Touch for Seniors

“About Touch: Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a little around” Leo Buscaglia As human beings our need for touch is with us from our infancy to our older years. Sadly, for many seniors, as they age and experience more health concerns, touch is often associated with pain or at the very least, discomfort. Undergoing blood draws or other medical procedures may […] Read Full Article »

Listening from the Heart

To listen fully means to pay close attention to what is being said beneath the words. You listen not only to the “music,” but to the essence of the person speaking. – Peter Senge “Mother, you’ve told me that story hundreds of time.” When a senior hears those words said in a tone of exasperation it can feel like a slap in the face, or at the very least, rejection. The story teller may feel that their memories have no value, and they themselves are unimportant. The reality may be […] Read Full Article »

The Power of Music to Heal and Enrich the Mind

All it takes is one song to bring back 1,000 memories. We each have a soundtrack to our lives. A few familiar notes, the first line of a song, and we are back in time with precious memories and emotions washing over us. For older people, the power of music has the priceless potential to improve mental, physical and emotional health. There are touching videos online that show amazing examples of the way music can break through the walls of dementia. In one, an elderly man is seen hunched over […] Read Full Article »

How to Protect Your Loved One from Nursing Home Abuse

Just turn on the TV or radio or read the news, and you’re likely to hear horrible stories about elder abuse permeating the airwaves. As early as 1996, it was reported that nearly 450,999 adults over the age of 60 experienced abuse or neglect in a domestic situation. Then, when you factor in self-neglect, this number jumps to over 550,000. To break it down even further, 10% of study participants experienced some form of elder abuse or neglect in the prior year. One study stipulates that one in 14 cases […] Read Full Article »

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Caregiver for Your Loved One

As difficult as it can be to see a loved one grow older and less able to do all the things they did in their younger years, it is equally difficult to acknowledge you are unable to take care of their needs yourself. Your loved one may want desperately to remain at home. If you can help make this possible, it will be a blessing. Depending on their level of physical and emotional health, it may not be safe to them to be alone all of the time. Having the […] Read Full Article »

Safety Tips for Home Healthcare Workers

SOURCE: By Megan Malugani, Monster Contributing Writer Home health workers face an array of safety risks — including overexertion, falls, car accidents and hostile pets — that make their jobs more treacherous than those of their hospital counterparts. In fact, the injury rate in home care settings is about 50 percent higher than that in hospitals, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Three home health veterans offer these Safety Tips for Home Healthcare Workers for staying safe and injury-free when you’re making house calls. Keep Your Guard Up […] Read Full Article »

Helping Seniors Stay Social

Helping Seniors Stay Social

As we grow up, we understand the importance of having a ‘social life.’ Friends and family with similar interests or situations are confidants, sounding boards and companions for experiences in good times and bad. Unfortunately, as we get older and require geriatrics care, assisted living and home health care, new friends are not as easy to come by and unfortunately, other friends move on or pass away. This is why Helping Seniors Stay Social is so important. Even though this is a truth of getting older, it doesn’t change that fact […] Read Full Article »

Why should we encourage youths to serve seniors?

Why should we encourage youths to serve seniors?

According to the dictionary, the word “service” means: “the action of helping or doing work for someone” or “an act of assistance.” Service is a very important act to teach children that will have a longstanding impact on their growth as a person and their relationships with others. Why should we encourage youths to serve seniors? Teaching children about service instills countless important character traits that will help them grow as individuals and members of society. Compassion, trustworthiness, reliability, selflessness and commitment are just a few of these traits. When they […] Read Full Article »