Children as Therapy for Seniors

senior therapy

As the elderly age, unfortunately it’s common for them to become socially isolated. Whether it’s because of failing mental health or a lack of still-living family and friends, not having a social network is extremely lonely. Intergenerational programs, where young children and senior citizens interact, are a wonderful way to help enhance the quality of life for seniors. For instance, the Intergenerational Learning Center in Seattle, WA is both a nursing home and a childcare facility. Children from infancy to five years of age spend time with the elderly, doing […] Read Full Article »

How to Help Seniors Beat Depression

Many people of senior age suffer from depression or emotional distress. According to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, depression is a leading cause in a lower quality of life experienced by senior citizens. If you have questions or concerns and would like to improve home life for your loved one, contact The Nurses Guild. They may be able to help in the five areas affected seniors struggle the most. These areas include disability, demands on caregivers, a decline in general, diminished sense of quality of life, and dementia. […] Read Full Article »

Senior Assistance Programs: You Earned it and You Deserve It!

There are so many assistance programs available that specialize in the needs of senior citizens. Many seniors have worked all of their lives and are now ready to sit back, relax, and worry less. There are many resources available through the federal, state and local agencies that will help meet the needs of a fixed budget. There are also programs that are offered by nonprofit organizations that can also provide much-needed assistance. Maybe you are in a financial pickle or just need affordable healthcare options. There are many benefits programs […] Read Full Article »

7 Tips for Staying Active As You Get Older

Retirement used to be viewed as the time to just sit back, relax and enjoy your “golden” years. When most people think of retirement, they imagine themselves traveling, visiting loved ones, having fun and filling their days with fun activities  like fishing, reading, watching movies, quilting, drawing, etc. However, having fun is only one part of the puzzle for achieving health, happiness and longevity. The other part is staying active. Today, as people live longer, it’s important that they stay mentally and physically alert. The best way to do this […] Read Full Article »

Tips on how to make new friends as a senior

During certain phases of life, making friends can be relatively easy, especially when you are exposed to a lot of different people while at school, work, or when you are a parent of young children. Though, making friends for senior citizens can at times be difficult for particular reasons, like relocation or retirement. As a senior, there may be less opportunities to meet new people, as well as there may be more resistance to making new friends at this point in life, but making and maintaining close relationships is actually […] Read Full Article »

Why maintaining a fitness routine as a senior citizen is so important

Starting and maintaining an exercise routine as a senior citizen can be quite challenging, but there are many options for staying active during this phase of life, for example, senior citizen fitness classes like seated aerobics, are especially designed to fit the health needs and abilities of senior citizens. A class like seated aerobics is particularly useful to work on mobility, strength, and flexibility. Plus, the addition of using a chair, means that even those with balance issues can take part in the class. Some of the benefits to taking […] Read Full Article »

Yoga for Seniors

One of the great things about yoga is that it is so adaptable to different populations with diverse physical abilities and needs. As a form of exercise, yoga has become all the rage in the last ten years. Though the popular image of yoga is of a young person twisted up like a pretzel, those who are older and less flexible can enjoy a yoga practice and potentially benefit from it even more then the youth. Seniors age 65 and older represent the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. population and—like many […] Read Full Article »

The Science of Color

Have you ever read about research surrounding how colors affect your mood in different ways? In case you haven’t, there is a ton of information online about colors and even how restaurants and stores use them to induce hunger or purchasing decisions. Lets take this concept to the next level and connect it to your senior friends or family members in home health care or assisted living. Maybe you have never thought about this, but let’s consider how the colors in your loved one’s room, home, therapy room and wardrobe […] Read Full Article »

Senior Citizen Prom – Will you go to Prom with Me?

There’s a new trend emerging for assisted living, home health care and geriatric care facilities – senior prom! No, no, not the traditional prom for seniors in high school, senior citizens! I know this may seem like a silly concept, but the Senior Citizen Prom is actually catching fire around the country, sparking a youthful spirit in seniors and encouraging them to stay social. (2) First of all, if you haven’t read the post on this blog, “Helping Seniors Stay Social,” you should go check it out to see why it […] Read Full Article »

Seniors and Diabetes Care

seniors and diabetes

There is no reason to beat around the bush or sugar coat it, according to the American Diabetes Association, “As people get older, their risk for type 2 diabetes increases. In fact, in the United States about one in four people over the age of 60 have diabetes.” Until doing research for this post, I had no idea that Diabetes was so rampant in the United States. Given the common nature of the seniors and diabetes, it is appropriate to share some of the American Diabetes Association’s tips for seniors in […] Read Full Article »